Changemaker Arts Project is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization dedicated to making, teaching, producing and showcasing art that makes a difference. We believe in harnessing the power of inspiration and creativity to raise awareness to social justice issues, bring arts to the disadvantaged and make a positive impact in the world. Our aim is to educate, inspire and empower others to become catalysts for change.

Established in 2017, one of our key goals is to deliver arts, poetry, dance and creativity workshops to vulnerable, at-risk young people who might be drawn to radical extremist groups or inner-city gangs, as a preventative initiative meant to harness their energy in positive, meaningful ways.


Changemaker aims to promote diversity, inclusion and creativity in Canada by providing opportunities for expression to disadvantaged, low-income people and at-risk youth, and by educating and empowering young people to become leaders for social change. We want to create a sustainable central network for emerging artists of multiple disciplines, where we nourish passions, mentor talent, feed the imagination and overcome barriers to creativity.

Our mandate is to promote artistic expression and to counter all forms of discrimination or inequality that act as social or economic barriers to people’s participation in society. We are a coalition made up of diverse voices that aims to use art and the creative spirit as a platform for social change.

  • We provide access to free, subsidized and sliding scale instructional programs in a multitude of art disciplines such as creative writing, art, music and dance
  • We create safe and inclusive spaces for people to learn, express, collaborate and create
  • We promote peace through art-based workshops and conflict-resolution training to youth and vulnerable people at risk for radicalization and extremism
  • We provide and facilitate training programs in team building, strategic dialogue, anti-racism education, anti-homophobia, equity, diversity and inclusion to schools, community groups, corporate and non-profit sectors, and law enforcement organizations

Exciting new programs, planned arts workshops and community outreach services are in the works. However, Changemaker relies solely on grants, fundraisers and individual donations to fund its programs, and receives no ongoing funding from municipal, provincial or federal sources. As a result, many of our planned workshops and dream initiatives are still in development.

Please join us on social media in order to get live updates on future programs, charitable events and newsworthy developments. We hope you will join our mailing list and help us make a difference.