Our programs, workshops and presentations are a reflection of the knowledge gained through our interactions with community, youth, professionals, academics, and our own research. Every voice is celebrated, and each person brings something unique to the creative process.

We aim to publish our workshop participants’ writing on-line through collective anthologies, as well as organize public readings of their work.

This section will soon feature a full roster of programming as new Changemaker projects are launched. These are some of the programs currently in development:

Youth Workshops

Our workshops will support young people to find a healthy  becoming leaders for social change. By amplifying self-expression and creativity, we create a space where youth explore issues that matter to them, engage in meaningful conversations and personal growth. By making art and engaging with others who bring unique and different perspectives to the group setting, youth gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the art process, as well as learn valuable tools for how to create positive change in society.

Poetry Slam / Performance Art Workshop
Description coming soon.

Seniors Workshops

Our creative writing programs for seniors aim to encourage both novice and veteran writers to develop their own unique and authentic voice in storytelling and are geared toward poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and memoir writing. This workshop is offered on a sliding-scale pay structure, where those who can afford to pay for the course help to subsidize those unable to cover the course costs.

The Magic of Memoir: Discover the Power of Finding Your Voice
This is a six-week course where students will watch weekly videos and receive assigned readings. Each week there is at least one assignment, regular group discussion topic in our Facebook group and instructor feedback on your weekly writing.

Anti-Racism and Countering Extremism Workshops

The ABC’s of Radicalization – A Workshop on Countering Violent Extremism 
Description coming soon.

Anti-Homophobia and LGBTQ Inclusion Awareness Training 
Description coming soon.